Manage your Cloud Infrastructure Spend

Negligent Trust

Negligent trust is when someone depends on another to take care of something, but the other doesn’t know that they need to take care of it.

We’ve learned, through some difficult lessons, that this ambiguous attitude toward responsibilities doesn’t work with Information Security. But negligent trust is prevalent when it comes to Cloud Cost Management, and its results are insidious.

Negligent trust with cloud cost management leads to waste, loss of trust, bad strategic decisions, and missed opportunities.

Executives trust their technology teams to make good use of resources.

Technology leaders, product owners, and line-managers trust and empower their engineers to procure cloud resources. But is this responsibility recognized and supported?

Engineers may, or may not, procure cloud resources efficiently. Do they recognize they participate in that responsibility? Are they equipped to do this well?

Many organizations have a break-down in this responsibility of managing cloud resource costs. It’s time to make this responsibility clear and to stop being negligent.