Manage your Cloud Infrastructure Spend

Applying Labels for Cost Management

Once you’ve defined cost-centers1 for your organization, and created a labeling strategy2, it is time to apply labels so that you can manage your spend. Your first priority should be to label projects with a cost-center. Resources inside those projects will inherit the project label for cost allocation. Read more →

Labeling Strategy for Cost Break-Down

Labeling cloud resources allows you to group costs and create a manageable, business-relevant break-down of your expenses. In this article we look at a strategy for applying labels consistently across your environment for support of cost management practices. We look at how labels are used to support billing break-down, and an example labeling standard you may build on for your organization. Read more →

Break it Down with Cost Centers

Your cloud bill needs to be broken down in a way that is meaningful to your organization. This article talks about what a meaningful cost break-down looks like, why it is important, and how to define this for your organization using the concept of Cost Centers. Read more →